• Experience karting at full throttle

    Do you feel the need? The need for speed? If so, our Pro Speed races are for you. By meeting the minimum number of races for each location, you'll join an exclusive circle of racers to test your driving skills. 


    Active Elite Membership

    Drivers must have an active Elite membership account at a local Speeders location.

    Minimum Number of Races

    Drivers must complete five races in our Calgary and Vancouver locations, and twenty races on our Edmonton track.

    Driver's Test

    You must complete a "driver's test" to ensure you can drive safely—without collisions or spinning out.

    How to get started

    Step 1: Register for our Elite Membership site to check your total races.

    Step 2: Book your Pro Speed race.

    Step 3: Come prepared with closed toe shoes, driver's license, and waiver.

    Step 4: Track your race history on the membership site.