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Level Up For Bonus Races

The more you race, the more free races, higher levels and privileges you receive.


Complete 5 races, receive a red card and 1 FREE race.


Complete 20 races, get a bronze card and 2 free races.


Complete 50 races, get a silver card and 3 free races. ProSpeed reverse activated.


Complete 100 races, get a gold card and 5 free races. Get 5 free races after each additional 100 races completed.

You Could Win A Free Race

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Post photos using the tag #SpeedersRacing If we feature your photo, you win a free race!

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Speeders Seasons

Every driver starts with 1200 ProSkill points. You earn more points from racing and entering tournaments throughout the year. The top 20 drivers, from each location, with the most points at the completion of the year will be invited to a big celebration private race party! This is an event you’ll want to earn a spot as we celebrate with unlimited racing, catering, prizes, gifts, awards, and more surprises. In the event of a ProSkill points tie in the 20th place, the driver with the fastest lap time on the current track wins the final spot.

Current ProSkill Scores
Top 20 Drivers Win

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Driver Lap Times

Top 100 drivers for the current track are shown below. RaceSpeed (for newer drivers) and ProSpeed (our fastest level). Get ProSpeed after 10 races or by challenging the top RaceSpeed times after 5 races.

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Phone Reservations and Buy Online

This feature is only for existing racers. Your elite profile allows you to buy races online, for the exact same price, with the same credit card processing, as in store. With races stored on your profile, you can phone in to book your races in the schedule. Save time, don’t wait in line.