Speeders Calgary is the venue of choice for a party that’s both fun AND safe

Who said that putting distance between you and your colleagues couldn’t be fun?

Our 20 horsepower Italian-made electric go karts are capable of speeds of up to 70km/hr–the fastest in the industry! We guarantee the adrenaline will be pumping as you compete to see who the real boss in the office is.

At over 50,000 square feet, our five-star indoor facility has plenty of space for your team to spread out in as you cheer each other on. And the party doesn’t have to end when the karting is done. Our two private and spacious conference rooms can seat large groups at safe social distance, so you can unwind and enjoy a celebratory meal from the caterer of your choice.

Group Event Rates

2-Race Mini GP (1 hr)

$46.50 per person

3-Race GP (1.5 hrs)

$58.50 per person

4-Race Ultimate GP (2 hrs)

$70.50 per person

All pricing includes helmet rental and a new, never-worn cotton balaclava for each participant

Conference Room Rates

NASCAR Room – $45/hour

Seats 16 at safe social distance
  • 680 Square Feet
  • High Speed Internet
  • HD Projector
  • Blu-Ray Player

Formula 1 Room – $55/hour

Seats 32 at safe social distance
  • 1000 Square Feet
  • High Speed Internet
  • HD Projector
  • Blu-Ray Player

How do I Book?

If your group is between 8 and 12 people, click the button below to book online and secure your booking today!

For groups larger than 12 people, click the button below to fill out our event request form. Our events team will get back to you right away!


  • Do you have a minimum number of people required for a group event?

    We require a minimum of 8 people for all of our group event packages.

  • What is the maximum group size you can accommodate?

    Our standard group packages (2-Race Mini Grand Prix, 3-Race Grand Prix and 4-Race Ultimate Grand Prix) can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 30 people. For groups larger than 30, we recommend either our Private Track Time or Full Facility Rental options. Please give us a call at 780-451-4377 (ext. 2) if you are interested in either of these options.

  • Will we be racing with other customers we don’t know, or just our group?

    Our group events are private, so you will only be racing with members of your group.

  • How many can race on the track at one time?

    We run races of up to 12 karts at a time. If your group has more than 12 people, we will split your group into separate heats of similar group size.

  • How many people can your conference rooms accommodate with safe social distance?

    Our Nascar Room is 700 square feet and can comfortably seat 24 people, socially distanced. Our Formula One Room is 1,000 square feet and can sit 32 people, socially distanced.

  • Can we bring in outside catering?

    Yes, if you rent one of our conference rooms you are permitted to bring in catering from any provider you wish. Outside food is not permitted in our common areas.

  • What if we are unable to attend our event because one or more of our group tests positive or must quarantine?

    Provided you give us at lease 24 hours notice, you have the option to either reschedule or cancel your event. If you choose to cancel, we will refund your event deposit in full.

  • What if COVID-19 related restrictions change or there is a lockdown before our event?

    If Speeders is unable to host your event, either due a change in restrictions or a lockdown, we give you the option to either reschedule or cancel the event booking. In the case of a cancellation, we will provide a full refund of the deposit paid.


  • Do you sanitize your karts?

    Our karts are sanitized with an approved disinfectant and after every use. Similarly, our helmets are sanitized, and then set to dry after every use.

  • What about your helmets?

    Similarly, our helmets sprayed with disinfectant, wiped down and then set out to dry after every use. Each customer is provided with a new, never-worn cotton balaclava which is to be worn beneath the helmet for each race. When done racing, you are free to take your balaclava home, or throw it away. We do not reuse them.

  • What about other areas of the facility?

    We ensure that high-touch areas within the building are sanitized at least hourly throughout the day. This includes countertops, tables and chairs, lockers and arcade games.

  • Do your staff wear Personal Protective Equipment?

    Yes! All of our staff wear masks and sanitary gloves when they are on the floor. We also have plexiglass protection barriers at reception for added protection.

  • Do you expect customers to wear masks?

    We strongly encourage all customers to wear masks in our facility. As some customers may have health considerations that prevent them from being able to wear a mask, we do not refuse service to those who are not wearing masks.

  • Can we check-in online, or does it need to be done in-store?

    Yes, all participants are encouraged to check in online before arriving. An event code will be provided in an email sent to the individual in your group that booked the event.